Thursday, March 26, 2015

What The Hell Was That???

This was a beautiful morning to walk on the beach, or so I thought.  As I was trudging down the beach, I say trudging because the tide was coming in, the sand was soft and I was leaving deep footprints.  And may I say at my weight they were pretty deep.   I turn around to come home when I realize, if the tide came up much faster I would be trapped.  Now, if you have walked our beach going South, you know there is no escape from the beach and you would drown or have to swim.  I was wearing jean shorts and they get heavy when wet and then I remembered how deep the prints were.  I decided to high tail it to the road. 

That’s when I saw it, the thing.  You know when you see a thing and you stop dead, back up, and look at the thing again?  After looking some more at the thing you mouth pops open and you mouth the words “What the hell is that?”  This is also the time you hope you don’t sink so deep in whatever that you can’t run for your life.  That is me; I am on the edge of the surf looking at this 3 foot long thing, The Discovery Channel would have been proud to present this thing in an hour special.  It looked like one of their documentaries that says “We found the thing, but oh don’t be afraid it can’t hurt you it lives 10,000 leagues under the sea.”  Wrong, I saw one up here.  There it was all bony looking, pointy, spiky ribs, big fin on its back that looked lethal and all of it tapering to the tail and flat ass ugly bless its heart.  As my mouth is still gaping, I think, oh good it’s dead, maybe I will creep cautiously closer, take a better look and maybe poke it with a stick.   Now I hear a roar, it is the roar of a big wave coming to disturb my mission.  I stand perfectly still with my eyes on the thing and whoosh my thing starts to wiggle in the surf.  Not that thing, y’all, please stop being so unruly.  My mind is wheeling, what if the next wave washes the thing back up and it touches me, then what?  I can’t run, my jean shorts legs are getting wet, I may drown or get touched; neither option appealed to me so I left.  I did however stand for a long period of time on the road looking to see where my thing went.  All I can say, it is still in the water somewhere waiting, it never washed, crawled, rolled or hopped back to shore.  If I see it again I will try to grab it for a few photos and call the Discovery Channel.

Oh, I forgot to tell you in the same area, there was a baby dolphin head that looked like it had bitten off from the body.  

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